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As Fall Foliage sessions are approaching, I find that this is a great time to reflect on the changes that this year has brought so far.

2020 has been a year of firsts for practically everyone I have spoken to, including my parents, my friends, and even my children's 95 year old great grandmother (and she has been through quite a bit!). As we adjust to our new way of living, it becomes apparent that our children are more resilient than I imagined. From virtual schooling, to wearing masks, and washing their hands constantly, I realize that they learn to adapt quickly, and with little effort. They are like rubber bands in a way. They bend, and twist, and hold things together, and they always return back to their original shape quite easily.

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I admire the trees as the leaves start to turn, and remind myself that this is all part of their survival and growth. Some may find it sad to watch the last few leaves fall, but a new Spring will come, and bring bigger and stronger trees with it.

I think this is why I love documenting this time of year the most. It represents change, which happens so amazingly quick, especially with our growing children.  

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2020 is going to be an important time in our world's history; something that will likely be written about in our grandchildren's and great grand children's text books. And even if it was tough on a lot of families, I think it is so imperative to document this time with our children.

I'm excited to capture these sessions more than ever this year!

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